Tracking tool – 27 best coffee places in the U.S.


5. Café Grumpy, New York City – very good with fruity taste, blend of 1 Ethiopian + 2 Colombian beans.


27. Kaffe 1668, New York City

26. Blue Bottle Coffee, Various Locations

25. Happy Coffee Co., Denver

24. Panther Coffee, Miami

23. Spyhouse Coffee, Minneapolis

22. Verve Coffee Roasters, Santa Cruz, Calif.

21. Ipsento, Chicago

18. The Wormhole, Chicago

20. Boxcar Coffee Roasters, Boulder, Colo.

19. Caffé Medici, Austin, Texas

17. Victrola Coffee, Seattle

12. Milstead & Co., Seattle

16. PT’s at College Hill, Topeka, Kan.

15. Artifact Coffee, Baltimore

14. Peregrine Espresso, Washington, D.C.

13. Everyman Espresso, New York City

11. Commonplace Coffee Co. House and Roasters, Pittsburgh

10. Intelligentsia, Various Locations

9. Joe the Art of Coffee, New York and Philadelphia

8. Ritual Coffee Roasters, San Francisco

7. Stumptown, Various Locations

6. Lamill Coffee Boutique, Los Angeles

4. Courier Coffee Roasters, Portland, Ore.

3. Barista, Portland, Ore.

2. Gimme! Coffee, New York

1. Ultimo Coffee , Philadelphia



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