Road trip driving

I am an idiot on the road!

Being born in Vietnam, I didn’t have the luxury of having a car as a sixteenth birthday present. I rode a bicycle in secondary school, a scooter in high school and bus/train in college. I came to learn driving very late in life, when I was 23, fresh out of college. Got the license but I never drove since I didn’t have a car.

My first real driving experience was my 10-day road trip in South New Zealand when I was 25.The second real driving experience was my 20-day road trip along East coast, USA when I was 27. And the third one was exactly 1 year later during 20-day trip along West coast, USA. I always prayed every time I drove: God, please don’t let me run over innocent people! I only started driving frequently since 5 months ago, when I moved to New Zealand.

My first car

My first car – which I’m selling… sobz sobz..

Though my time on the road is short, as it increases, my love for human being slightly decreases. I need to pray more earnestly.

I haven’t been to many places much, but here are some big stereotyping that I’ve garnered about regional driving styles:

1. Atlanta drivers: move fast and always in a hurry. Might get honked or overtaken for driving at speed limit

2. California drivers: “appear” to be more patient because they don’t honk much but they just quietly overtake or simply don’t give way

3. Singapore drivers: HATE motor-bikers (will squeeze them) and LOVE to tailgate (hence no courtesy giving way)

4. New Zealand drivers: generally more patient and generous with giving way but LOVE to change lanes without signaling; drunk driving is normal

5. Vietnam drivers: “what lanes? what traffic lights? what laws?”

6. My style: idiotic!

I thought of having a big decal at my rear window with words like “Sorry in advance”; “Bad driver alert” or “Please be nice to one another – Ellen Degeneros”… but I’m afraid that would gather more honk and unnecessary over-taking. In the mean while, I should improve my driving skills and pray more fervently.

Why do you think people are less nice on the road?


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