United States – West Coast road trip in 20 days – Part 4

I’ve just realized (very lately) that I’ve completely mixed up the East coast and West coast of USA. Sorry!!! I’m quite hopeless with direction. There are many times when my partner asks me “turn left or right”; I would say “left” with my finger pointing to the right… Anyway, now I’ve fixed this, we’ll continue with the rest of this 20 day road trip along the West Coast…

Day 8+9+10:  Las Vegas to Grand Canyon

Day 8 was spent resting after a long trip the previous day coming out of Death Valley. We just walked around the area near our hotel in Las Vegas, doing nothing much. There are much to talk about my first impressions about Las Vegas but it’s better to leave it to the next part.

We started to get to Grand Canyon on day 9. The boring drive would take about 5 hours. There’s an option for you to visit Grand Canyon from Las Vegas by helicopter within a day. It would be interesting but it’s pricey for us so we decided to drive there and spend a night.

the road from Las Vegas to Grand Canyon

the road from Las Vegas to Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon is so very popular. It’s packed with tourists at every corner. Come to visitor center first to get your map. Follow this map to drive along the Canyon and stop at different points to view the Canyon from different angles.

the usual red Grand Canyon

the usual red Grand Canyon

the unusual Grand Canyon with sprinkle of snow covering on top

the unusual Grand Canyon with sprinkle of snow covering on top

Personally, I don’t get or feel Grand Canyon. I was excited for 15 minutes, hurriedly snapping pictures of million-year-old rocks. It was a cool feeling standing in front of the vast scene which seemed so still and quiet (well, they are just rocks). However, after the initial 15 minutes, I just got enough of red rocks and the Canyon just looked the same whenever I looked.

It would be more interesting if we had had enough time to trek down to the bottom of the Canyon, where river Colorado flows, spend a night at the camp and trek back up the next day. There’s also an option to let mules carry you to the bottom if trekking is not your thing. But honestly, the idea of riding on an animal that is skinner than me is not very appealing…

Next up – back to Viva Las Vegas!!!

… to be continue…


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