How to see New Zealand?

Some of my friends are interested in visiting New Zealand after seeing our photos. Happy!!! They also ask how they can move around in the country. Here are some of the options for transportation to tour and see amazing New Zealand.

Listing in the order of the most to the least expensive

Rental car: Obviously, it’s the most expensive option but it gives you peace of mind and the convenience of going everywhere you want and whenever. There are many many car rental companies to choose from. Jucy rental offers some very sexy camper vans.

Jucy camper van

Jucy camper van

Coach/ public buses: New Zealand has an extensive network of public buses that cover every places of interest that you possibly want to reach. The two most popular ones are Intercity Coach line and Nakedbus. Nakedbus offers very cheap bus tickets with a promise of one seat of $1 in each bus going anywhere. However, the quality of their buses is questionable. On my recent trip to Tongariro, the buses got into troubles in both legs. The one going from Auckland had the baggage door dislodged, causing 30 minute delay. The coming back bus had a gear stuck at sixth gear, causing a 15 minute delay and a transfer to the rescue bus. One of the guys on this bus with us also said that his bus coming down from Auckland had a front door dislodged. Talk about bad luck!



Van: Many backpackers buy a small van around NZD2000-NZD3000 for their trip in New Zealand. The van is usually equipped with mattress and cooking equipments so you actually save a lot of money on accommodations and food for an affordable amount of initial investment. After completing their trip, they would recoupe back some of their money by reselling the van to other backpackers. Van selling notices are often seen in backpackers’ lodges.

Car sharing: If you don’t have a car or don’t know how to drive but still want the comfort and mobility of travelling in private cars and more importantly want to make new friends then car sharing is for you. Find people who drive to the same destination with you and ask if they would care for you to share part of their gas money. Usually, you can make arrangement by asking around people who stay at the same lodges with you.

– Bike/Bicycle: I’ve seen it many times. It’s possible! New Zealand is zealous about cycling. There are many scenic cycling tracks connecting beautiful places. Cyclists are Kings in Auckland. They ride along side with cars. They weave in and out of traffic. Once, I’ve seen a cyclist riding in the middle of two lanes, holding off traffic and yet nobody dared to honk, being afraid that would make him panic and fall.

Hitch hiking: It’s popular and it’s FREE. It would be easier if you hold a sign telling your destination. That would increase your chance of being picked up.

wearing a bikini would also increase your chance - photo from

wearing a bikini would also increase your chance – photo from


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