The Hobbit world premiere

I’m a HUGE fan of the Lord of the Rings. Are you? That’s why I was so looking forward to The Hobbit’s World Premiere in Wellington yesterday. Wellington now has another new cool name: Middle of Middle Earth.

Here’s how New Zealand welcomed the movie stars of this gonna-be-huge-blockbuster

Painted movie poster on the body of Air New Zealand plane – Reuter’s photo

Wellington airport welcomes visitors in style

Here’s how much my school loves the Hobbit. It’s real!

Let’s have a virtual tour through the movie sets for The Lord of the Rings 🙂

The rolling hills and emerald green grass are the perfect settings for the Shire of Hobbiton

Routeburn track – does it look like those night scenes where Frodo was running and hiding?

In “the Return of the King”, Frodo and Sam climbed Mt Doom which you can do the same by walking the Tongariro Crossing

Just south of Lake Pukaki you will have the opportunity to view the countryside where the Pelennor fields battles took place from “the Return of the King”

From Lake Wanaka, you can see the backdrop used for Gandalf’s flight to Rohan with Gwaihir. Wanaka was also the film location for the River Anduin, Golden Plain, Lothlorien, Pillars of the Argonath, and Dimrill Dale

The Southern Alps, which has Mt Cook as the highest peak, was used extensively in filming The Lord of the Rings.

Fox Glacier is also part of the Southern Alps which depicted the Misty Mountains of Tolkien’s Middle Earth

And many more amazing, breath-taking scenes that New Zealand’s got to offer.

Lake tekapo

Karekare beach


Cathedral Cove – Coromandel


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