Tongariro Crossing – shattered dream…

So, Tongariro Crossing in North New Zealand is famous for being one of the best (if not The best) day hike in the world. What’s the use of staying in New Zealand for 6 months but not being able to make a trip to this amazing place, right? Well, it sucks that it happens to me…

So here’s the thing. I planned for this Tongariro Crossing trip a month ago. Bought my bus tickets. Booked my hostel accommodation. Bought new trekking shoes. Signed up for 1 month gym pass to prepare myself physically (yes, I never exercise). Yesterday was my first gym visit and you know what I heard on TV news at the gym? Tongariro Volcano just erupted!@$%^. Park is now officially closed and I expect it will stay closed for at least a month which is when I am no longer in New Zealand.

So I can’t make the trip. But what I can do is to rub salt into my new wound by looking at some awesome Tongariro photos from one of the RoadTripWorms’ bloggers. He made his trip in 2007. I’m jealous!!!

By the way, we are setting up a pro Flickr account to share some very wonderful photos taken from our trips all over the world.

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3 thoughts on “Tongariro Crossing – shattered dream…

    • Yes, it is! In fact, My hubby and I just talked about this yesterday night. We will attempt to make this trip again in the last week of December before flying to US.
      Have you done this crossing?

      • Excellent! Sounds like a good plan. We haven’t done this crossing before, as didn’t have enough time when we passed by it last time we explored North island back in 2010. But it is definitely on our list of things to do this time around!

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