United States – East coast – 20 days – Part 2

… continued from Part 1

Part 2: Flying to New York and exploring surrounding cities

So now you are back to Atlanta after exploring interesting cities in Florida state, let’s take a flight to New York to explore the northern part of the West coast.

New York

The most famous city in the world needs no introduction. It’s best to listen to Alicia Keys’ song here while reading this

“New York! Concrete jungles where dreams are made of, there’s nothing you can’t do, cause you are in New York”

It’s recommended not to drive in New York. Enjoy their confusing and run down train system. You would be amazed how such an old system has kept New York up and running for more than a hundred years. From New York, there are also numerous tour operators that could take you to near by cities.

Wall St – where big money is made and lost…

American Stock Exchange over-looking a cemetery … interesting

Come to Ground Zero to pay respect to those have lost their lives during 9-11

Yellow taxi – one of New York’s icons – buried in the snow after a blizzard – which is also one of New York’s icons

If you dont want to pay for any touristy things, you can capture Statute of Liberty from the harbour too

New York, after a blizzard, doesnt lose its glory

New York to Washington DC to visit the White House.

The white house

From New York, book a guided tour to Niagara Falls.

Niagara Falls look very much different during the day and at night

Niagara Falls during the day

Niagara Falls lid up at night – opposite bank is Canada

Boston:  There are many frequent buses connecting New York and Boston on a 4-hour trip. Most buses offer free wifi.

Boston is really very charming. Once you are in it, you would feel the academic atmostphere.

If you have a day to spare, you could follow a recommended historic route  called Freedom Trail to explore Boston city on foot.

Harvard University – the dream of all students – enter to grow in wisdom

MIT – a completely different architecture from Harvard

On the way to the Little Italy, you would pass by a popular farmer market that sells cheap fresh fruits

Now it’s time to be back to New York for the highlight of the trip: New Year’s Eve party at Time Square – where all eyes of the world will be watching. Tip: Get into Time Square from noon. Trying to get to Time Square at night is nearly impossible.

There would be lots of activities, performances that keep you entertained till mid night. The only big problem is how to hold your pee because it could get so packed that you would not be able to move.

This is all you’ll get if you don’t get to Time Square by noon

Share with us if you have great experience partying in Time Square 🙂


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